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Convincing Reasons for Using a Lithium Battery

Nowadays, there is high energy demand and people are constantly looking for batteries that can power their devices properly for a long time. The lithium batteries have been around for a long period and they have been used in many industries to power gadgets such as laptops, phones, cordless tools and most electronics. This article examines some of the reasons why the lithium batteries are a worthwhile investment that you should consider.

They have an extended life cycle. Maybe you have come across batteries that will only work for a short time and then they fail. Such batteries have a short charge cycle and therefore, they fail fast. That is not the case with lithium batteries because they have long charge cycle and that means that you will use them for a prolonged duration before replacement. If you take care of lithium battery properly, it will last up to 2000 to 5000 charge cycles and still have 80% performance.

They have incredibly high energy density. After charging a device, you expect that the charge lasts long enough so that you use the device all day. Some batteries do not live up this expectation and they drain fast in a matter of a few hours. A lithium battery is dependable due to its high energy density which keeps your device powered for a significant period before recharging it. Additionally, when the battery power level decreases, it takes a short time to charge up to full capacity. Most types of batteries take long to charge and yet they do not hold power for a long duration. Charging your battery to below 100% will not damage the lithium battery.

There is low maintenance. Battery maintenance can be cumbersome. With lithium batteries, there is low battery maintenance. The batteries do not require periodic discharge and balancing because they have a perfect battery management system that accomplish the tasks automatically. Charging and using your battery is all you need to do. Further, they have few placement issues and that makes them easy to store and pack.

They have high energy efficiency. When it comes to power use efficiency, lithium battery is comparable to none. They have up to 100% charge efficiency and all that charge is used up as power. Moreover, the battery power efficiency is not adversely affected by weather conditions. A majority of battery types drain fast in cold weather but that is not the case with lithium batteries.

There is a wide range of lithium batteries. You will be surprised by the varieties of lithium batteries available on the market. Different types of lithium batteries are designed to power different devices. Each type of lithium battery is tailored to meet the energy demands of the device it will power. Therefore, lithium batteries stand the best chance to cater to your energy demand at home and office.

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